Monday, September 3, 2012

U.S.: Zhang Shuai and Chia-Jung Chuang Strait combination together to enter the women's doubles quarterfinals

NEW YORK, September 2 Olympic special telegram the Strait combination partner Zhang Shuai and Chia-Jung Chuang staged a comeback at the U.S. Open tennis tournament on the play. In the first set 6:7 fumbled, they are losing the confidence and morale and Yuezhanyueyong opposed to 7:5 and 6:0 Lianban two out of the Korbel, Germany and Austria, Tamila among the women's doubles eight strong. Cheap snapbacks

Advance to the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam doubles, Zhang Shuai, career first. Prior to that, she was the best doubles record into the elimination round. However, the quarter-finals of Zhuang Jiarong, from her Grand Slam runner-up there are two of the best record in the gap.

"I want to thank Chia-Jung Hsieh, she let me get the best score of the Grand Slam," said world doubles ranking of 50, Zhang Shuai grateful. The world doubles ranking of 60 of Zhuang Jiarong review said: "The first set defeat the very slow warm-up and I related with Zhang Shuai, I said: 'Give me some time, I will be getting better.'"

Although the U.S. on Strait combination is only the third joint competition, two people can no language barrier to communicate with each other very smooth.

The first set, each of the two sides breaking two serve into the tie-break battle the Strait of combinations after wasting two inventory, Zhang Shuai series the return of serve arrest and two turnovers, a straight line across the ball out of bounds result 7:9 defeat.

The second set, each side to Paul 5 after the war to serve 5 draws. The disk performers in 11 innings Korbel serve, and completely open Zhang Shuai first two volley, this Houkebeier double faults. Appear three break points, Zhang Shuai played a more active fierce pumping hit Tamila score as she hit a note, the disk finally appear first break. Cheap new era snapbacks

12 Bureau, Zhang Shuai intercept the winning goal, followed by Zhuang Jiarong round score of Hou Tami pulled back the ball out of bounds inventory Zhuangjia Rong and issued a note of "ACE" ball in a timely manner, thus pulling 7:5 the plate number level.

The final set field advantage has been completely backward Zhang Shuai and Chuang Chia-jung, in a series of breaking the two opponents serve, but also to prepare a singles match Korbel has been uninterested, Zhang Shuai and Zhuang Jiarong easily to the 6:0 the end of this two and a half hours of confrontation.

According to the draw, Zhang Shuai and Chia-Jung Chuang Su-Wei Hsieh ofChinese Taipei in the quarter-finals with Medina Garrigues of Spain grips.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Yin Tiesheng said to see the the team gap Kicker girl small business Ruihua worried

Women's World Youth Championship stillfighting Japan , yesterday afternoon, the Chinese women's football expect a miracle does not appear, although the girls beat Ghana 1-0, but the same group, the United States women's football only 0 3 loss to the German team.Although the Chinese team are level on points with the United States team, but the goal difference is small and has been eliminated. Cheap snapbacks

Chinese team the first two wars 0 4 loss to defending champion Germany 1-1 draw champions the United States in 2008, the final round of the U.S. team lose, the Chinese team to win based on the net, and then to make up for the previous eight disadvantage to qualify SHENGQIU.

Chinese team yesterday discharged powerful combos to continue starting, last round Jiangong Shen Lily, Spohr orange captain midfield. Coach Yin Tiesheng kept on the sidelines yelling, the pressure on the players. Under the weight of the Chinese women's football around the Ghana goal meal Meng, but shot the low success rate, and ultimately alone of Zhao Xin Di scoring 1-0 win.

After the game was confidant team win after being detained eliminated, the girls are very frustrated. Lin Yu-ping sighed: "so long and hard to prepare, or failed to qualify, the mood was not good enough, it is a pity."

Yin Tiesheng see the team gap

WASHINGTON (Reporter Zheng Xiaolong) led his unit missed the women's football World Youth Championship in the knockout stage, the China National Youth Women's coach Yin Tiesheng exclaimed: mainly international contest inexperienced. "

Go from the men's soccer head coach of the women's soccer, Yin Tiesheng this National Youth Women's devoted a lot of effort and time, for which refused paid soccer post. This year, the Women's National Team in the Olympic Games and the World Cup two-out, Women's National Youth Team and a small country teams both reached the World Youth Championship and the World less competition in the context of a comprehensive defeat GuoZiHao become a rare bright spot. Be eliminated, for the Women's Yin Tiesheng said: "the ability of application technology team in the game and off the ball is the weaknesses in a headwind ball when compression capability also need to improve."

Failed to qualify to the quarterfinals, but the Chinese women's football is still played some of the beautiful game, also see itself World Championship, which makes Yin Tiesheng very lamented: "Overall, we have grown a valuable experience, also see the future development trend of the Women's Movement, in addition to have a good physical condition, and how high-speed movement of the ball and passing technology combined is a big topic on behalf of the German women's football and women's football is in this regard, the technology is very well with the very smooth, are we learning goals. "

The Kicker girl less Shang Ruihua worried

(Reporter Zheng Xiaolong) as the former head coach of the Women's National Youth Shang Ruihua game yesterday also confided aspirations: "Women's population now particularly low, there is no reserve force, what is to play well?"

After the start of next season is to step down from the Women's GuoZiHao Shang Ruihua has been concentrated with the Hangzhou West Women's the women Super League campaign, but he still care about the game of women's football national team at all levels. Overwhelmed by the National Youth Women's missed the playoffs, Shang Ruihua say the truth: "Women's small population. Parents now, how many people are willing to send their children sent school football? Soccer team has been good point, women's football do not want to say. playing children, the selection surface on the narrow, like a vicious cycle. "Cheap fitted hats

Shang Ruihua also believes that the future of the lack of protection of the athletes but also parents afraid to let their children to engage in sports, especially football reasons: "I think institutionally, we should learn from the United States and a number of projects on the go the University of training and competition while learning side, so that the child is a guarantee for the future, and will certainly be more engaged. "

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rodriguez: cooperation with Li focus on the end of her emotional adjustment

Belgian star Henin-Hardenne won seven Grand Slam singles titles, Argentina,Rodriguez is a recognized world-class marshal. Today, the legendary coach and Li come together and help China "a sister" rounded out the women's singles final of the Cincinnati Tennis. Recently, Rodriguez accepted the "Today "interview, talking about the ins and outs of cooperation that he and Lena ...

Reporter: How did you when Li coach?

Rodriguez: It is now my family and I live in China, and a tennis academy cooperation has been two years. Recently Li is looking for a new coach, and her agent asked if I was interested in the guidance of Li, I said we can use now to the end to try and take a look at Li is like my coaching. I do to help her, because I think she played great. Cheap snapbacks

Reporter: So you will be working with Li the end of the year?

Rodriguez: Yes, I would accompany her competition in New York, Tokyo and Beijing, if she can participate in year-end finals, then I will go.

Reporter: Do you think the guidance of Haining and the guidance of Li What is the difference?

Rodriguez: It is hard to say, because my understanding of Li is not yet in-depth, but my idea would be completely different, because I Haining grow together, since she was 13 years old until she retired, I have at her side. Now I have my experience, she (Li), her experience, so my identity is not the same, because I want a lot listening to understand her needs and decide what guidance to provide for her.

Reporter: the first time to see Li Na, How does it feel?

Rodriguez: She is very nice, but also get along very well. I told her my idea is to refine refine refine the beginning may be difficult to adapt for her, so she and I said: "Observation is the first step, I will communicate with your husband, because he than anyone else to know you, he told me his guiding philosophy, after all, it is well done and I need some information to help you. "I see great potential in the Li Na, who, her temper is very hot , but must learn to control.

Reporter: In other words, you will focus on teaching her how to adjust the mood?

Rodriguez: Yes. I told her to learn how the mind to control their heart, or will be a lot of trouble. If you think the pitch by the emotional impact, there is no chance of winning.

Reporter: guidance Li, what are your plans?

Rodriguez: I would give her a structured thinking, I have seen her three games, then we will strive to develop a good plan for the U.S.. But I also told her one week can not be much change, we want to take some time to adjust, the effect may be apparent until next year.

Reporter: Li game you've seen before?

Rodriguez: Have you seen and read a lot, it makes me a better understanding of how to communicate with her. Snapbacks for cheap

Reporter: promise and Lena, you and Justine communicated with you?

Rodriguez: Yes, but did not say that very clear, I told her that I might again when professional players coach.

Reporter: the short term you will stay in Beijing?

Rodriguez: Yes, and tennis school contract until 2016, and before that I and his family stay in Beijing. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reed ready to suit offseason regardless of the simple fact that in the past

Ed Reed didn't seem like a man who wished to rehash the previous concerning his off-season absence away from your Baltimore Ravens, according toward Carroll County Times.

"I'm here, man," Reed said. "What transpired weeks back again transpired. What happened merely as a end result of what I experienced to cope with family people sensible and what I've been steering by means of to the last 11 many years now regardless of the simple fact that in the league you realize it's often a time regardless of the simple fact that you simply need to assess yourself. after you obtain to some specific element and you've been undertaking it possibly not getting as vocal guys don't be as vocal with it, but when you're dealing using the organization element of it, too, that's something you need to offer with.

"I choose to cope with it the way in which I cope with it. That way, youthful guys know it. children will know it as they appear up. Their mom and father will know it. I'm not only a man who holds stuff back. That's why you obtain that which you get. And if I didn't do it that way, you wouldn't possess the details to create about."

Reed is entering the last yr of his contract and presently has no agent to represent him, but he desires to talk offer using the Ravens.

"Talks have presently been there," stated Reed, who's credited a $7.2 million bottom income this season.. "I know (GM) Ozzie (Newsome) and them know I wish getting here. We will get that achieved when it's time to cross that bridge. I'm beneficial with football most ideal now. I'm concentrated for the season. That's all I'm worried about most ideal now is finding my teammates very much better and get myself very much better and get ready to go forward this season.

"Like I said, they know I'm assessing myself yr to year. Would I want to hold out more? Of course, however the method tells you something different. You know, that's something you often cope with most ideal after the season. So, when we cross that bridge y'all guys will know."

Monday, July 30, 2012

The best thing: th kitten hat made

Have no idea when designers Amélie Segarceanu cats produced a hat, is when she is going to be the idea right into a career. The buyers have stated that this became the coolest thing they bought. They email me the Amélie Segarceanu "my cat to wear this, suddenly a sharp boost in nervous, however it looks very joy."
Do not know when designers Amélie Segarceanu cats produced a hat, is at the time she's going to be the idea in to a career. In a nutshell, if you notice people who cannot help laughing cat hat from the network, we understand Amélie Segarceanu became.

The buyers have declared that this became the best thing they bought. They write to me the Amélie Segarceanu "my cat to put on this, suddenly a sharp surge in nervous, but it really looks very joy."

In addition to cat owners also inexplicably come, they said, "I didnrrrt plan to make use of the cat who I've got Chihuahuas, perhaps it's going to like.

Amélie Segarceanu said, "These hats have become comfortable, but need a little patience to allow the cat to receive Christmas, Halloween, these things is best selling" is said to have human cat custom St Patrick's Day hat, or even boxing gloves.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Next Act for Superstar: Conquering New York

He stands from the batter’s box, extending his right arm like a football referee signaling an extremely first down. With his 33 ½-inch, 32-ounce dark bat pointing in the direction of the sky, he reaches with his left arm and tugs at his right sleeve. For Ichiro Suzuki, this should be the bold declaration of the duel he has won at a much better pace than almost any other hitter from the theory leagues.
Suzuki has done this schedule roughly 8,500 instances in the theory league uniform. But he has certainly not carried out it in pinstripes from the Bronx, until now. Suzuki, the Yankees’ newest well-known addition, will make his residence debut Friday evening in the direction of the rival Boston red-colored Sox.

The Yankees preserve a at ease division lead, along using the last-place red-colored Sox are listless. Suzuki should be the front and center. He is utilized in the direction of the role, getting a pioneer for Japanese ballplayers from america jointly with a 10-time All-Star. But ny is not utilized to him.

Until this week, Suzuki experienced invested all twelve of his main league seasons in Seattle, especially where most fixture titles start shortly after 10 p.m. in New York. He has rarely been element of the pennant race. His design is common even to casual fans, but to look at him just about daily can be to discover and appreciate his idiosyncrasies, his distinctive approach to his craft.

To be sure, Suzuki is not exactly the same exact participant he was in his prime. He should be 39 many years more mature just preceding to the entire world Series, especially where he hopes to acquire actively playing using the Yankees, who have probably the most useful report from the American League, at 59-39. Suzuki requested for just about any business away from your last-place Mariners, who accommodated him on Monday, once the Yankees happened to acquire in town.

Suzuki, who went three for twelve in his very first three path fixture titles getting a Yankee, desires a championship preceding to it is as well late. on this way, he is like different other build stars who arrived in the direction of the Yankees previous due within their careers, in hopes of an elusive title. It worked for Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens from the 1990s, as well as although Suzuki’s .261 standard this period of your time is much below his occupation mark of .322 — 3rd among energetic players, at the rear of Albert Pujols and Joe Mauer — the Yankees think he can help.

Suzuki even now has the pace and instincts to create a tremendous difference from the area and inside the bases. And with 3,814 hits in between Japan along using the majors, he has a tremendous amount of knowledge to draw on as he tries to summon his previous self.

“I even now think he’s obtained some gasoline left from the tank,” mentioned John McLaren, who coached and managed Suzuki using the Mariners. “They’re not going to relatively see the dude we saw, however it is going to acquire an awesome suit for everybody.”

Bobby Valentine, the red-colored Sox manager, was among the relative different who predicted Suzuki’s greatness. As Mets manager in 2000, Valentine, who experienced also managed in Japan, declared that Suzuki was among the 5 top avid gamers from the world. however the Mariners, not the Mets, won his negotiating rights, and at very first they wondered what they had.

In 2001 spring training, Suzuki seemed overmatched by main league fastballs, continually fouling them over the third-base dugout, as though he could not whip his bat near to in time. shortly after a while, Suzuki assured his puzzled coaches that he was flicking the fouls on purpose, so he could see as different offerings as feasible away from your new pitchers he can be facing.

When he finished that very first season, captivating two continents by profitable the rookie within of the twelve weeks and Most useful participant awards, Suzuki took one last path trip. He visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., and from the decade since, he has returned three times.

“Ever because i have been here, which could be 18 years, which is an awesome offer over any other current player,” mentioned Jeff Idelson, the president within of the Hall of Fame. “He’s invested different several hours delving into our assortment and studying concerning the roots within of the game.”

Suzuki took a specific attention in equipment, Idelson said, especially bats away from your 19th and earlier 20th centuries. He inspected the grain from the wood, comparing the weights and circumferences, studying the places within of the masters who arrived before.

When he broke George Sisler’s single-season report for hits, in 2004, the Hall of Fame introduced Suzuki using a replica style of Sisler’s bat: all 36 inches and 46 ounces of it. Suzuki felt a kinship with Sisler, who build his report in 1920, and visited his grave website in St. Louis preceding to the All-Star fixture in 2009.

The up coming year, preceding to some sequence at Yankee Stadium, Suzuki visited Calvary Cemetery in Queens to determine the grave of an additional Hall of Famer, Wee Willie Keeler. Suzuki experienced broken Keeler’s report of 7 consecutive 200-hit seasons, which experienced stood for just about any great offer over century.

One report Suzuki has certainly not approached is Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak. requested a few many years ago if any modern evening participant could break the record, the Yankees’ Derek Jeter mentioned Suzuki can be the only probability — as well as then, only if he done on turf. But Suzuki’s career-best hitting streak is 27 games, and he has named DiMaggio’s mark the toughest report to break.

For all of his attention in history, Suzuki has certainly not attempted to imitate a predecessor. His slashing hitting style, by which his legs start churning for very first bottom in midswing, is all but not possible to duplicate, like Mariano Rivera’s minimize fastball. And his taste in clothing stands out, too.

“He dressed different than we did,” McLaren said, laughing. “He dressed like a rock star. He experienced some Michael Jackson-type outfits.”

Suzuki occasionally seemed lonely from the Seattle clubhouse, especially where some teammates privately groused that he cared only about compiling singles. He would squat in silence on his clubhouse chair preceding to games, balancing inside the balls of his ft to develop his surprisingly powerful calves. The avid gamers who found him aloof, McLaren said, misread Suzuki’s intense pregame focus.

Reticent sometimes, Suzuki could be also the lifestyle within of the party. For years, he developed a tradition of providing a rousing clubhouse speech, filled with expletives, to his A.L. teammates preceding to the All-Star Game. And his neighborhood comments, which after tended toward the mystical, have turn into an awesome offer more animated with time.

“Chicks who dig residence runs aren’t the types who appeal to me,” Suzuki informed the brand ny instances in 2009. “I think there’s sexiness in infield hits because of the reality they need technique. I’d instead impress the chicks with my method than with my brute strength. Then, just about every now and then, just to show I can perform that, too, I may flirt only a tiny by hitting one out.”

The newest Yankee is complete of surprises. If his expertise is even now as considerably as it, it could make for just about any fascinating finish off in the direction of the Yankees’ season.

The housekeeping dishes of Provence stews Ratatouille

Runnin across the street, was originally the people cry, but an ambitious mice even after numerous hardships also become a respected chef. This plot will only appear in the cinema, but the rat Remy finally made ​​that all Paris, the best Provencal stew dish does in real life, people crowd saliva.
Raw materials: eggplant (purple 2 tomatoes 2 onions 1 zucchini 1 sweet pepper 4 seasoning salt amount of half the head of the right amount of garlic olive oil pepper
Provencal stew practice:

1 eggplant cut, fine cut in half, cut thick 4 and half red, yellow bell peppers seeded and cut into thick strips of melon cut in half and then cut 1.5cm-2cm thick slices, tomato head of the cross knife and put it into boiling water boil hot, peeled, cut into large pieces, onion cut chunks. Garlic, chopped.

2, cast iron saucepan, heat, put the olive oil and saute onion and garlic
3, add chopped material to round up
4, the material water to soften, add tomatoes and stir well
5 Add salt and freshly ground pepper and mix well, not enough oil, add some olive oil
, Stamped over medium heat and simmer 20 minutes, open the cover fire sauce, to taste
7 wobble plate, dish, dish top sprinkle some vanilla broken decorative. Hot and cold to eat can be